Bayanda Creche is Blessed!

A huge thank you from the Heartstrings family to those who have blessed our project. It is because of you that we can make a difference together.

The children are trying to make heart shapes with their hands to say thank you♡. Missy is delighted as we are equipping her more and more and we can see a huge growth in the children.

We are also so excited that the Unlimited come and help guide her in Zulu and have given her a program to follow. How awesome!♡!

READY STEADY GO – You are a Blessing!

Last week was spent traveling in and out of Molweni, doing drop offs and little visits. We dropped off sandwiches and some treats for the children to enjoy at snack time. Thanks to READY STEADY GO children and Debbie Bold for such a special blessing.

We appreciate all your help in raising funds ♡

We are so grateful that a school group is volunteering to raise some funds to help us. These funds will be part of enabling us to make a much better space for the babies and tiny tots. This was the original old building that was built with care by the ladies who run the creche. It really has taken a beating and is now worse for wear.

They currently have 65 children that they take care of. Every week a sponsor supplies us with meat and a shop donates vegetables when they can, but help with mielie meal porridge, sugar and rice is also needed.


Gogo Phylis starts the second phase of her new home.

We had a quick visit with Gogo Phyllis to see how her building is going. We are so excited for her and her large family.

The first phase is complete and now she is working on the second phase. Her old building  – what is left of it, is deteriorating more and more. Upliftment looks better and we are so proud to have been able to help and to see her fulfill her dream.

Sunday Tribune – March 2017

We had a mention in the *♡*SUNDAY TRIBUNE*♡* thanks to Paul from FOODPAK.

Heartstrings Trading co. was birthed out of this community project to create employment and develop skills whilst making the most fantastic, upmarket, eco-conscious and Proudly South African Decor.

We are a Brand that lives what we believe!


An update on Cindy and Innocent’s new home

The before, during and the on-going story of a family whose lives are changing.

We are delighted to share that Cindy and some of her family are in their first room. They are so proud! Cindy is being equipped; she has an entrepreneurial heart and says she will sell the polony at the little tuck shop she runs outside of the clinic to help provide for her wonderful family. Her face when she saw us coming was like sunshine… she beamed♡.

Birthday Celebrations!

We celebrated Shaka’s birthday recently. Our birthday tradition is to tell them about how special they are and what we love about them. It is a wonderful blessing to watch faces light up as the words of praise are spoken.
Out of Heartstrings Community Project was birthed Heartstrings Trading Company ( Shaka is leading this team of men.
Our vision is to create beautiful decor and provide employment and mentorship for young men. We speak about value and self-worth, we pray together and we encourage them in all areas of life. One of the guys now lives with us and goes home on weekends. These young men are a great team and are creating top quality products. We are so proud of each one of them!