Bayanda Creche

In January 2016, we met with Jennifer, Joyce, Sipho and Missy in Molweni to discuss the building of proper classrooms for the Bayanda Creche. We had been supporting them with gifts of tables and chairs and other items to assist looking after the children in their care. These ladies and gentleman have such humble hearts and compassion for those they look after as they provide a safe facility for parents to leave their little ones in during the day whilst they go to work.
As you can see from the photos below, by working together, great things have been accomplished!

It is wonderful to see that everything that is given to this special little place is being used. The tables and chairs were a gift from our project a year and a half ago and they have been looked after and have lasted well. This year our aim is to build proper classrooms♡.



   27/02/2016. Molweni. The boys working together. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! Let’s work together to build a better future for all♡.




Sipho is the husband of Joyce who looks after the children at the little creche. He has such a fatherly love towards the children and has taken the dream of building a proper school to heart. He has been working tirelessly behind the scenes. We salute this man!



We were very emotional reading all the prayers and pictures that came in for the little school we are building; it has blown us away. Thank you READY STEADY GO! THANK YOU WATERFALL PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL! This is so so special♡. These will be placed into the foundation of the school.



Working together in communities; bringing people together. Children’s hopes, dreams and prayers being placed into the foundations.









There we have it… the shell of the first two classrooms. Many more phases to come as we work together, uplifting and empowering people in a sustainable way; working alongside and believing that dignity and charity go hand-in-hand♡.





                    A HUGE thank you to QA SIGN and PRINT SOLUTIONS for sponsoring the sign; for taking our drawings and turning them into a reality. Quin and Alexi, we are SO very grateful! Big thumbs up! You were so helpful.




Bayanda Creche end of year celebration! ♡ Look how beautifully set out the new classrooms were. So much love! The bare walls draped and dressed, coloured paper chains, balloons flowers and cake; the little school went to such effort to make the day special.

SO PROUD of the mummies who did this!!


Lots of proud mummies. Missy (the pre-school teacher) encouraged the children to recite the days of the week, months of the year, number counting and some songs. What a dignified ceremony for our little graduates!



As you can see, so much has been accomplished in 2016, but there is so much more we would like to do.
There is a need to build toilets for the children, a fenced-off area for a vegetable garden and an outdoor covered area for the kids to play outside in the hot, humid days – but to do all this we need your help…
So if this initiative strikes a cord in your heart, please donate through the PayPal link on the right, our bank details are on the “Donate Now”  tab at the top or contact us directly on