Families we care for

Communities are made up of families, and in 2016 we have been working alongside two special families, helping to restore dignity, uplift them and empower them to have a better future. Both families have been impacted by disastrous situations – one the children’s room caught fire and the other had a river run through their shack during heavy rainfalls. We would like to introduce you to Phylis Ndlovu, and Cindy and Innocent.

At Mrs Ndlovu’s home, Gogo (granny) takes care of many children. We have helped her build a new home after a fire that started in one of the children’s rooms destroyed part of her house. They have been living in the old crumbling home whilst waiting for the rooms to be completed. Sadly the excessive rain flooded her kitchen and the water ran like a river through her home. They spent the day mopping and cleaning out the mud, and thankfully with the sun shining the clothes could dry out. They were tired after a long night of trying to keep what they have from being damaged by water, nevertheless when we arrived we could see that our visit lifted spirits. Sometimes people just need to know we care.

A visit to Gogo and the children she looks after.

We dropped off some curtains and a few toys. Her old home is really starting to crumble and fall apart since the fire but she is so proud of her new building… it really is such a joy to see her excitement and we cannot wait for her to finish it and move in.




This is Cindy and Innocents home where they live with their five children. Just above their house is a water pipe that gushed out water during the rain. The water went through their home, under their bed, soaking everything. You can see where they tried to put blocks against the hole in their wall. They also tried to dig trenches and use blocks to redirect the water that was flooding the property. When we took these photos, they were not home but had gone to work after what must have been an awful, freezing-cold night. This is also what they came home to.
The gentleman you see with Mike in this photo is Simphewe, a Government ward candidate. He had come out to see Cindy’s home. It was wonderful to talk to him and we will meet with him again in the future.







Early evening visits and drop-offs in Molweni.

Innocent and Cindy’s room is going up slowly but surely. We will be delivering the next lot of bricks and cement this weekend. The boys were delighted and grateful for their food blessing.


Our heart and vision is to continue helping families like Phylis, Cindy and Innocent as we can see the positive impact our relationships have on them; people who take responsibility for their upliftment and do not expect handouts. They are families whose dignity is restored and who in turn, reach out to help others around them, creating a stronger community.
Your support in our project will continue to facilitate the work we do and as you empower us with financial support and material donations, we empower those we help. Thank you for believing in what we do – we could not do it without you. ♡♡♡