Little Love Boxes

We are very excited to present Little Love Boxes to you ♡
You can collect the items needed, sponsor the lunch box and juice bottle set at R20 (we supply them) or sponsor the completed Love Box at R60 per box.
These will be blessed to the under-privileged children we work with.
Thank you to the schools who are already getting involved.


2016 was our first year for this initiative and – YOU DID IT!! Thank you to READY STEADY GO, Simon Peter and all those who contributed!

Here, our Little Love Boxes were being checked and getting ready to go. Thank you Elzet and Summer and team♡. The love and care that went into these boxes was deeply touching. Off we go to Molweni… 


Bayanda Creche year-end celebration! ♡
As the day drew to an end, the Little Love Boxes were given to each child. It was a beautiful day; fun, HOT, lots of joy, grateful hearts and tired but happy souls…

If this initiative strikes a cord in your heart, please donate through the PayPal link on the right. Our bank details are on the “Donate”  tab at the top, or you can contact us directly on